• So recently I have been reading over the notes of a few of my photos and reading the things people have commented. A lot of the comments are really positive and make me feel really good about myself, however, there are a few comments on the photos that are not nice, at all.

    "Her legs are literally the size of my arm. She has no meat on her to protect her and honestly it just looks unhealthy…."

    "Personally, this is ugly because when I look at it all I can think is ‘that can’t be healthy’ If that makes me a bully, fine, I DON"T CARE. But when girls are starving themselves and doing all these things to their bodies just because "society" tells them that this is beauty? Society can go fuck itself"

    They are just a couple of the comments I have seen on my photos.

    Firstly, I don’t think people realise something. The person that you are commenting on in that photo, that is a real person, with feelings. Just because you hide behind your computer or feel like this person might not see your comment does that make it okay? No.

    I am naturally skinny. Yes, naturally. I do not starve myself or take any radical approaches to slim down my body. I do exercise to keep fit as I have a bone condition which prevents me from doing regular sport. I have never done sport, I have never been in a sporting team. I’m always the kid on the sidelines who just watches. I NEED to exercise my own way otherwise I will be incredibly unfit. I do not exercise because “society” tells me to. I actually enjoy exercising too.

    I eat 3 meals everyday plus snacking (a lot sometimes) and I definitely do not purge my food. 

    I would like everyone to read this, these people that you are making assumptions are real, and they have their own stories. YOU HAVE NO IDEA NOR RIGHT TO MAKE ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ME NOR ANYONE ELSE.

    Also, I upload these photos not to go “omg everyone look at me and my body I think I have an amazing body xoxo” that is not true. I upload these photos to show my beautiful followers me, who I am, what I look like. Plus if I didn’t upload these kind of photos I would get asked to anyway.

    If anyone actually read this, thank you for your time and I hope you understand me a bit better.

    Sophie xx

  • Posted : Friday May 3rd, 2013 at 6:22am
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